Yeahhh Baby! Herbal Footie

Yeahhh Baby!® patented since 2019 & scientifically proven to work!

Here's How to Use It :)

The Yeahhh Baby! herbal foot is available in three different sizes, small, medium and large. Each herbal footie is filled with the herbs that are used to help infuse the ointment with some of its properties. After the herbs are extracted from the liquid components of the ointment, they are placed inside the footie and the footie is sewn closed. It's now ready to be used as a compress.

Once our customers get their footie, they add YB! ointment to its exterior and then they apply the YB! saturated footie to the area they want to treat. Our customers say this application technique works especially well on chronic, long-standing pain, even when other products haven't worked for them. 

This video demonstrates how it's applied:

Herbal Footie Sizes

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