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Yeahhh Baby!® patented since 2019 & scientifically proven to work!

Yeahhh Baby!® All Natural Relief Ointment, is a natural way to pain relief and more. We are often frequently asked a variety of questions about Yeahhh Baby!® If you want to find out more about this organic ointment that's getting rave reviews on Amazon, you'll find the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions below:

Yeahhh Baby!®  Questions and Answers

1. Q. What is the main ingredient in Yeahhh Baby!® Ointment?

     A. Coconut oil.

2. Q. What is the main purpose for Yeahhh Baby!® Ointment?

     A. It is a first aide all natural pain reliever.

3. Q. What makes YB!® different than any other pain relievers?

    A. It is 100% organic topical ointment. No chemicals. No fillers. No additives and no artificial coloring. Click here if you're ready to relieve your pain.

4. Q. Why would I want to use a topical ointment?

    A. Because every pill, tablet and liquid pain reliever you swallow must travel thru your organs such as your kidneys and liver.  Over time it could damage or destroy your kidneys and or liver.

5.  Q. I am allergic to coconuts, can I still use YB!® ointment?

    A. Not recommended.  YB!® is 98% coconut oil. There are people who cannot eat fish but can take omega 3 oil which is made from fish oil.  So, you can test a small area on the inside area of your forearm.  {It is one of the most sensitive areas on the body, and see if you have a reaction}. However, we do not recommend it's use. If you think the benefits might outweigh a potential allergic reaction, if you're mildly allergic to coconuts and you decide to try YB!®, please use with CAUTION.

6. Q. What age groups can use Yeahhh Baby!® Ointment?

   A. The product was studied and tested on 18-90 years olds {Adults only} with great results.  However, there have been people who have used it on their kids and infants  for cradle cap also grand children, as young as 3, with very good results.

7. Q. Will YB!® burn if I get it in my eyes?

   A.  No, but your vision maybe a little blurry because you just lightly coated your eyeball with coconut oil.  It will wear off or you can wash with eye drops and clean water.

8. Q. Can I use YB!® on my face?

   A. Yes, YB!® will help with all types of skin.  Works very well on acne, dull skin and dark circle around the eyes.

9. Q. How does YB!® work on acne?

    A.  It can help clear up your acne bumps, scar marks and blackheads.  It typically promotes healthier skin and our customers report noticing a difference in a few days.

10.  Q. How often can I apply YeahhhBaby!® to my face?

       A.  After cleaning with mild or regular soap, ideally made from natural ingredients, you can apply YB!® twice daily.  If you choose to only use it once daily, we recommend using it at night...expect to see the difference in the morning.

11. Q. Will YB!® make my face greasy? 

      A. Yes, it will at first, but the YeahhhBaby!® will soak into your skin after an hour.

12. Q. What if I don’t like it on my face or body?

     A.  Just wash it off with soap and water.

13.  Q. How long will it take to see a difference using it on my face?

      A. After applying it at night, you will began seeing a difference the next morning.

14. Q. Can I use YB!® on a bruised area on my body?

      A. Yes, but best results are saturation with YeahhhBaby!® on an herbal footy.   Should be held to the bruised area with an elastic bandage.

15.  Q. How long before I see a difference and how long shall I use the herbal footy on this area?

       A. You will be the best judge of how it looks and how long you will need to continue.  Normally it should take 3-5 days.

16. Q.  Can I use YB!® on my lips?

     A. Yes, just be advised, it has an unpleasant taste.  Therefore, it is recommend applying on dry and damaged lips at bedtime to help with healing and soothing your lips.

17.  Q. Does YeahhhBaby!® work on cold sores and blisters?

      A. Yes, it does. Apply at night.

18.  Q. Can I use YB!® on minor cuts?

      A. Yes, just rub on the effected area.

19. Q.  How do I use YB!® for headaches and migraines?

      A.  Put a finger full or pour if it on if it is liquidly on the very top of your head. With migraines its best to lie down and take a nap.  A regular headache you will see a difference in 15-30 minutes.

20. Q.  I wake up with headaches on a daily basis. Will YB!® help me?

      A.  Yes, apply at the top of your head.  Go to bed as usual; wake up without a headache.

21 Q. Do I have to wash YeahhhBaby!® out in the morning?

      A. No, it will soak into your head.  You will notice that your hair is softer.

22. Q. After I have my hair braided my scalp is sore, can I use YB!® on my scalp?

     A. Yes, you can pour on, if liquified, or rub on. Check out the scalp picture in our  before and after picture gallery.

23.  Q.  I have rubbed YB!® on my sore muscles but did not see a differences, what am I doing wrong?

       A.  On regular sore muscles, for instance cutting the yard, raking leaves and maybe working over your head.  Just rubbing YB on is fine.  If you work out with weights you make need saturation.  {Use the herbal footy}

24.  Q.  Will YB!® repel mosquitoes?

      A.  Yes, mosquitoes do not like coconut.

25. Q.  Can I use YB!® for itching skin?

      A.  Yes, just rub on effected area.

26. Q. What if my affected area is my private area?

      A. YB!® does not CURE sexual diseases such as; gonorrhea, hvp, aides, the claps, etc.

But if you have irritation in your private area such as underwear was rubbing, moisture from sweating, thighs that rub, irritation from cheap toilet paper.  YB!® will help with soothing and giving relief.  Depending on the rawness of the area to how long you will need to apply. YB!® will sting about 5 seconds, than you will feel the relief.

27. Q.  Can I use YB!® with any other ointments, gels or salves?

  A.  No, this is a 100 % organic- 100% natural product.  It does not need any help from another first aide product.  It has been known not to show any signs of working when other products are added and mixed.  For best results, use YB! by itself.

28. Q.  Does YB!® have a coconut smell?

     A.  No, it does not smell like coconut oil, it has very little to no smell.

29. Q. How long can I use YeahhhBaby!® ointment?

      A.  Until you get the results you are seeking.  Please seek medical attention at any time you feel YB!® is not working.

30. Q. Is YB!® a pain killer?

     A.  No, it is a pain reliever.

31.  Q. What is difference between pain killers and pain reliever?

      A.  Pain killers are given  with a prescription by a doctor, pain relievers are purchased over the counter or on line.  Temporary relief.  They are used for a limited amount of time: not permanent...but short-term relief.

32.  Q. When is the best time to use YB!® ointment for stiff joints?

      A.  At night - highly recommended saturating using an herbal footy.  Just add YB!® ointment to YB!® herbal footy.  Hold in place with an ace bandage for over night saturation.  Make be use nightly as many times as needed to get the relief you need. {For the best results use with the herbal footy}

33. Q.  Do I need to wash the saturated area in the morning?

     A.  NO, do not wash the area.  Whatever YB!® ointment is left will soak in.

34.  Q.  After I wake up, sometimes I feel a little soreness, why is that?

      A.  As you move your joints you will notice your range of motion has increase.  Very similar to adding oil to a door hinge.  At first it is stiff, than over a few times in moving it.  The range of motion becomes wider.  The same applies to you.  You will begin to move body parts you have not moved in years.

35. Q. How long can I keep YB!®? Does it expire?

     A.  YB!® does not have an expiration date.  However, if you feel or see something you don’t like toss it out and order a fresh jar.

36. Q.  Where is the best place to kept YB!® ointment?

      A.  Any cool place to keep it solid or soft.  If the place is warm it will remain liquefied.

37.  Q. Why does it cost so much? Can you make it cheaper?

      A.  All ingredients are organic and/or organically grown.  Some of the ingredients are as much as $50 per lb.  In order to make it cheaper, we would have to use synthetic materials.  If we did that, we would no longer have an effective, 100% organic, 100% natural product.

38. Q. What is an herbal footy?

      A. Herbal footy is stuffed with herbs for the purpose of saturation. It helps hold the YB!® ointment for faster first aide relief. All sizes can be moved around the body as need.

39. Q.  What are the difference sizes?  

     A.  Large- used for lower back, shoulder saturation.

     B.  Medium- knees, neck, elbow, ankle, hip

     C.  Small -  hand, neck, wrist, face {tooth ache}.

40. Q. Can I use YB!® for hip pain?

      A. Yes, YeahhhBaby!® has been scientifically proven to decrease hip pain. One can rub it on or use an herbal footie for saturation.

41. Q. How would I use YB!® for my ankle pain and swelling?

     A. You should use the herbal footie for saturation.  You will find after several times of saturation your ankle will begin to have a lot more flexible with out the swelling and pain.

42. Q. Will YB!® help with skin disorders, like Psoriasis and Eczema?

     A.  Yes, it can  serve as a first aide ointment to help with itching and cracking skin.  YeahhhBaby!® is made of 100% organic oil. Because these skin disorders cause one to itch  people have used it to stop the itching and have noticed that it improved the skin coloring and condition. See the YB!® before and after page to see client results.

43.  Q. Can YB!® help with diabetic nerve pain?

       A.  Yes, it can. YB!® can help with soothing the pain in your feet.  You can rub your feet but with saturation using the herbal footie you will notice a faster response from the pain.  You will saturate the footie with YB!® and place it on the bottom of your feet using the ace bandage wrapped around the herbal footie and your foot.  The only time one can do this is at night or when one can be off their feet for hours.  CAUTION: Please do not try to walk with the footies attached to the bottom of your feet.   [This method becomes very slippery.]

44.  Q. Should I use the YB!® HERBAL FOOTIE on a sprained ankle?

       A.  Yes, please saturated the herbal footie wrap with an ace bandage.  You can alternate between an ice pack and the herbal footie.  

[Suggestion: ice pack off and on in 10 minute intervals for an hour, then YB!® herbal footie for 4 hours.  Leave herbal footie place on the ankle with the elastic bandage over night. In the morning back to alternating again.]

45. Q . What is the difference between a sprain and a strain?

     A. A sprain involves ligament and is a twisting in a sudden painful way. Strains involve tendons, typically results from too much tension, use or effort to pull or stretch in a forceful way.

46. Q. Can YB!®  herbal footy be used for both a sprain and strain?

      A.  Yes, both benefit from saturation with the herbal footie.

47. Q.  How do I use YeahhhBaby!® for post-workout aches and pain?

     A.  Simply oil your entire body with YeahhhBaby!® just like lotion.

48. Q.  How do I address my chronic back pain using YB!® ointment?

      A.  Please remember YB!® is a first aide 100 % all natural ointment.  Because of it's pureness, it has been reported to help easy people with chronic back with saturation using the herbal footie.  Please read testimonies.

49.  Q.  Since YB!® is all natural 100% organic ointment can I eat it?

      A.  We don't suggest eating it, although  YB!® is a 100% organic product.  There are NO current studies and/or tests that have been performed that we at Yeahhh Baby® products can state makes it safe to digest this ointment. EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

50.  Q.  Is the history of Yeahh Baby!® true?

A.  YES,  which is the main purpose of YeahhhBaby!® ointment...to save as many people from the heartache that Deborah's family endured.

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