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Yeahhh Baby!® patented since 2019 & scientifically proven to work!

Checkout the Yeahhh Baby!® User Testimonials for the all-natural, organic relief ointment...great back and joint pain reliever, it also helps with swelling, aches, bruises, rashes, minor cuts and injuries. Read what a few users have to say below:

YeahhhBaby!® is for external use only and please do NOT put it in eyes.

Thanks for the Relief...

I got this [5.5 oz Yeahhh Baby Ointment] along with the socks [herbal footie] this time. I've use the ointment as shared with me to 'see if it really works'. It does folks. After working 14-16 hours on my feet; my back, shoulders and sometimes neck become weary and this ointment has certainly brought the needed relief. Thank you Yeahhh Baby cause it really makes wherever you need relief say Yeahhh Baby!!!! By AlwaysImproving (an Amazon customer) here to see how the herbal footie works.

Finally...relief from knee ache

I've been looking for year for something that will help this knee ache and other aches. I even asked my grannies :) what they recommended. I finally stumbled across *yeahhhbaby* on Amazon. I used it and OMG, it works. I'm about to order my second jar...Try it. By WIRT'S (an Amazon customer)

No back pain for the first time in 2 years...

I couldn't wait to get home to try this awesome rub. I bathed Hank, my disabled husband, and rubbed him down good with Yeahhh Baby! and put the Yeahhh Baby! pads on his back about 10 p.m. or so. He said his back is not hurting any more and he hadn't felt this in 2 years.  He is getting up on his own and I thank God for you telling me about YEAHHH BABY. You truly are a God Send. Thank you sooooo much. Sorry it’s so late but I couldn't wait to tell you of this miracle.   Shirley T.

Pain Free Man Hip Knee & Ankle

Ankle swelling gone and hip pain relieved...

I was 14 when I broke my ankle and injured my hip. I was in pain. My mom had some Yeahhh Baby! and kept telling me to try it. I didn't think it would work.  I can barely swallow a pill, so I started using my Mom's Yeahhh Baby! ointment, I was so shocked, but it took the swelling from my ankle and the pain from my hip. I told all my friends if they are ever in pain, they should try Yeahhh Baby. IT REALLY WORKS!  Kolby J.

Chronic post-surgery ankle pain relief...

I know YEAHHH BABY!!! is for back relief but I must confess that I’ve had a few surgeries on my ankle and it's been bothering me something awful. After years of prescribed medicine I decided to give Yeah Baby! a try.  Within days my ankle was feeling much better so I continue to use Yeahhh Baby! to go about my day.  From B.J.

No more seasonal pain and swelling...

I broke my ankle and have suffered from swelling and seasonal pain. My doctor stated that I should raise my feet to help with the swelling. I heard about Yeahhh Baby!, from my cousin and tried it. The swelling went down immediately and the pain subsided within minutes. This ointment is awesome! I recommend it to anyone who suffer with pain and swelling.  Beverly 

Yeahhh Baby!, the athlete's friend...

Yeahhh Baby!, works for me. I have been playing basketball for 10 years. I still play everyday. My work outs are tough. When I get home every evening, I would be sore from my workouts.  I started rubbing Yeahhh Baby! on my sore areas before and after each workout.  This stuff is amazing! I don't do any workout without my ointment.  It goes a long way.  K. JONES  

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Yeahhh Baby!, 'go-to' relief ointment...

I am 57 years old. I have been in pain all of my life. When I was around the age of 17, my parents took me to a chiropractor for a jammed thumb.  After he examined me, he concluded that he could do nothing. 40 years later, I was still suffering with pain from it. I had other injuries as well, such as a strained back, damaged rotator cuff, arthritic  fingers and more.  I was seeing another chiropractor for my thumb and the ailments, when I was asked to try Yeahhh Baby!.  That night I put it on my thumb. The next morning, I reached for the toothpaste and noticed I could grasp the tube with my whole hand, including my thumb. For the last year, I have used Yeahhh Baby for everything. This is the first time in my whole life that I have no pain at all. I AM PAIN FREE!!!  F. Price

Immediate relief, spectacular results...

When I was first introduced to YEAH BABY by my neighbor,  I was suffering from severe  knee pain and eager to try an all natural ingredients.  Age and other health issues rule out knee surgery for me.  The results have been spectacular.  From the first application, I got immediate relief. I used it twice a day at first then once a day.  Now, months later, I apply it to my knees when I know I will be walking a great deal. I have also found that I have no more pain in my arthritic hands.  Delores Albonetti

Yeahhh Baby! is my solution to back pain...

My wife has been so happy with the excellent results she has gotten from using your product Yeah Baby that she applied it to my extremely painful back and legs.  I got soothing and long lasting relief.  I continue to ask for it at the first sign of discomfort.  Yeah Baby is my solution to back pain.   Gene Albonetti  

This is a fantastic product! Stink-free relief...

To Yeah Baby, Thank you for the relief and comfort you have given me from pain I have experience in my neck, knee and lower back areas.  I have used this product during the course of a work day (while publicly presenting), and the almost nonexistent odor has been another great benefit. This is a fantastic product!                  Nancy Little

I feel wonderful, no more pills...

Ive suffered from gout for years, taking all sorts of medication, no good results.  My wife told me about Yeah Baby, she applied it to my knees and ankles.  I feel wonderful no more pills.  (Yeah baby!)  Gary P.

WOW this stuff really works, I can play again.

Im very active and love playing sports (volleyball, baseball) and going for long walks in the park.  Lately Ive experienced sooooo much pain in my knees, I couldnt  do the things I enjoy.  My friend introduced me to Yeah Baby and WOW this stuff really works,  I can play again.  I PLAYED FIVE GAMES OF VOLLEYBALL YESTERDAY.  I even fell down and got back up and continued playing.  Of course I will need more Yeahhh Baby! so don't stop selling it,  because I like to PLAY.   Carolyn P.

No more knee pain and stiffness, try it...

I had a lot of trouble with my knees and feetI was diagnosed with moderate arthritis in both knees.  I tried the Yeah Baby ointment by applying it on my knees at night before I went to bed.  I did this for a couple of nights and noticed that my knees were more moveable and the pain was almost gone.  By the fourth day I had no pain at all.  I would recommend this product to anyone that has problems with pain in their joints.   Rocelyn Phillips

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TWO WORDS: Yeahhh Baby!

TWO WORDS:  Yeah Baby! this product works well.  I applied the oil on my hands.  My hands ache due to arthritis.  The BEST part about this oil is it is SCENTLESS.  I recommend this product to anyone.   Sade G.

Thanks for giving me my life back...

Before using YEAHHH BABY, I had an extreme case of arthritis in my knee joints.  This caused me to experience tremendous pain and swelling each and everyday.  I dreaded doing physical activities as simple as going to the store, due to the pain. But after using Yeahhh Baby! for just a couple of times, I noticed a decrease in the pain.  Then after using it for maybe five days or more, my swelling went down.  So I continued to use it each day for about two more weeks, and then, Yeahhh Baby!, I began to feel like a new woman.  I could walk  and move around better with a whole lot less pain.  I have tried a lot of arthritis pain relievers, but nothing has worked as quickly and continuously as YEAHHH BABY.  Thanks YEAHHH BABY for giving me my life back.   JOYCE T.

Y el dolor se me fue por completo...

El mes pasado yo tenia un dolor en la Rodilla; que no podia ni caminar.  Entonces use una crema que me dio mi compan`era de trabajo Deborah; y me la unte` en la Rodilla por unos día.  y el dolor se me fue por completo; y mi Suegra la usa también para dolor de pies y esta bien Contenta. Yo Recomiendo la crema para to do tipo de Dolor. Rigo Alvarado

Thank you Yeahhh Baby!...

My name is Robert, I work at the USP Post Office, I do a lot of pulling, pushing and lifting which can be really hard on the joints.  When I used Yeah Baby it really ease my pain and my joints, shoulder and elbows.  They feel much better.  Thank you Yeahhh Baby.     Robert  (Tour 1)

Yeahhh Baby! is totally AWESOME...

My experience with Yeahhh Baby is totally AWESOME.  I am able to do squats and bend my knees. I started using it for my knees and then to my feet.  It relieves the pain and takes away the swelling.  A truly awesome  all natural product. I love it!         Linda Livingston

No more diabetic nerve leg pain...

I purchased YEAHHH BABY  for my mother who suffers from diabetes.  She complains about pain in her legs at night when she lays down to go to bed.  So often times she doesnt get a lot of sleep.  The first night she tried it she said she got a good nights sleep because the pain didnt  wake her.  This stuff really works!                              Margie B.  Memphis, Tn

Yeahhh Baby! has been the answer...

I purchased Yeahhh Baby for my 94 year old mother who suffers from arthritis in her hip and both knees about a year ago.  For many years we have tried all kinds of rubs icy hotAustralian dream cream" and many others.  But the first use of YEAHHH BABY, my mom felt immediate relief from her aches and pains.  So it is a daily ritual that after her bath; we rub her down and Yeahhh Baby has been the answer!   Julia (Tour1)

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My pain in the neck is gone now...

I used Yeahhh baby when my right ankle was hurting really bad and could not walk on it.  I had to have help to walk in and out of church before and after bible study.  The next day I came in to work and put on some Yeah Baby and it helped me to be able to walk with out help.  All the pain had stop and about one month later had pain in my right side of my neck. I put on YEAHHH BABY and the pain went away and it had me feeling good again.   Howard Smith

Relief with no bad smell or skin irritation...

Yeah Baby works like magic.  I have used it on my back, shoulders, arms ankles and knees.  I applied it on the area that was in pain and felt immediate relief with no harsh smell and no irritation to my skin.  I am thrilled and thankful for this natural pain free product that has made my life easier.  Renita, Memphis, Tn

'Miracle ointment' stops severe leg pain...

I tried the “miracle ointment” for my severe leg pain, needless to say it worked "like a miracle”!  Just a  small amount does wonders. It goes a long way, worth every penny.  THANK YOU YEAHHH BABY!  Kim Thomas

86 years old and practically pain free...

Due to a serious medical condition I was hospitalized and needed immediate surgery.  The surgery involved the doctor cutting the back of both of my knees because of several arteries blockage.  After the surgery and as time went on I constantly endured severe pain.  For example after being discharged from the hospital one of my requirements was to exercise three times a week.  On some of the mornings I would go to the gym and by the time I arrive my knees would be hurting so bad I could not get out of the car.  I would have to turn around and go back home and on most occasions I would sit in the car anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes until the pain eased up. On the mornings I was able to do the exercise, once I completed them, then I would have to go home and just relax until the pain subsided some. During the course of time I was taking several different pain relievers which did not help very much.  A friend of mine purchased an ointment called “Yeahhh Baby” from a co-worker which I began to use.  I would apply a little every morning and rub for several minutes.  I began to notice that whatever activity I had planned I could complete them without having to stop for periods of time.  No longer did I have to wait for the pain in my knees to subside.  My left leg and knee have no pain anymore and my right  knee a little pain.  I will kept rubbing until all the pain is gone.  I am truly happy for Yeahhh Baby ointment.  Catherine Albrams  (86 years old )  New Orleans, LA

Yeahhh Baby! takes the itch out of itchy hands.

My name is Arthur and I used Yeah Baby product because my hands were itching.  It relieved the itching in my hands instantly.  Yeah Baby even has a good texture and smell. I would recommend using it to any and everyone.   Arthur F.

Nothing compares to Yeahhh Baby!

Hi my name is Wilma.  The job I have requires heavy lifting above my shoulders and head. That causes stress, pain and inflammation in my back, neck and shoulders.  Yeah Baby worked wonders for such a very short time.  Now when my co-workers complain about pain I simply tell them about YEAHHH BABY because out of all the things Ive tried over time, nothing compares to Yeahhh Baby!  Its magical. Wilma Bullock

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YB! is the answer to pain relief...

Hello every one, my name is Louise and Im 78 years old.  For the last 3 years or so I have suffered with extreme knee pain and arthritis in my hands.  After taking so many different prescription medications and none of them seemed to work.  My friend asked me to try Yeahhh Baby.  And the only regret I have is that I didn't find out about it 3 years ago!  Yeahhh Baby is the answer to my pain relief.   Louise Jones

Can't believe how fast YB! works...

My name is Safari and Im 23 yrs. old I have been experiencing pain and discomfort in the base of my left foot for a few days.  After applying different lotions that I thought might bring me relief I was quite disappointed.  My mom suggested I try this herbal oil called Yeah Baby and just within a few hours, my pain was gone.  I couldn't believe it worked that fast.  Safari B.

Knee swelling down and pain subsided...

My husband is a veteran.  Being airborne in the Army as a !! Mike three years, he developed chronic knee pain.  Hes had several sessions of therapy, cortisone shots and has used several different type of creams.  He also is allergic to shellfish, so he has to be careful of the ingredients in the creams.  After getting little to no relief at all, he decided to try Yeahhh Baby.  Its all natural made with organic ingredients and no shellfish.  He tried everything else so, at this point there was nothing to lose by trying it. Yeahhh Baby! gave him relief immediately.  The swelling in his knees went down and the pain subsided.  Thank you YEAHHH BABY!!!  Y. MUHAMMAD

YB! works better than Bio-freeze...

First time I used yeah baby, I said, another liniment.  So I stopped and tried using bio-freeze and other liniments.  Several weeks went by my pain and stiffness was still there.  My great Aunt used to make a salve that we all used and it really worked.  My aunt made it all natural just like Yeahhh Baby.  So, I decided to give Yeah Baby a chance.  I get up in the mornings and go to bed at night rubbing Yeah Baby in faithfully.  It has greatly reduced my stiffness and gives me pain relief.  I find myself bending and stooping a lot better these days than I did before.  Gerald Hopkins


GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!!!   Back and neck pain GONE.  Thank you Yeah Baby I got tried of taking pills.  Larry Perkins

Hydrocortisone didn't stop itch, YB! did.

I used Yeah Baby to relieve the itching on my 20 year old c-section scar.  It works when hydrocortisone did not.  I also use it to relieve my chronic back pain, when I get a headache and I get the tension in my neck. I put on Yeah Baby and it goes away.  This stuff is GREAT.  Angela Walker

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It works wonders...

I used the YEAHHH BABY! All natural relief ointment on my foot and ankle that I suffer with permanent joint damage and arthritis from an injury.  I used it at bedtime with a sock on for several hours and I noticed that in the morning the stiffness and tightness I usually have were reduced almost 100%.  I keep using it now and it works wonders.  Not to mention it helps my dry feet.  Laquesa Early, Memphis, TN

YeahhhBaby! did in 3 days, what 3 months of PT and pain meds didn't...

My bad wrist couldn't bend. For three months I went through physical therapy and took pain meds, they didn't work.  After 3 days using Yeah baby WOW my wrist 80% useable.  I can now pick things up that I could not pick up before yeah baby.  I use it on my bald head after I shave it, with Yeahhh Baby I have no hair bumps. I have a bad disc in my back, that make my legs go numb.  I have had this problem since 1978.  YEAHHH BABY!  after using it for 2 days I have full feeling back in my legs, the numbness went away. I am going to try it on some more body parts. How about some Yeahhh Baby on my Yeah Baby?   Yeahhh Baby!!!  Billie Harmon 

Try this...I I am a customer...

After talking to a friend one day explaining my knee pain,  she offered a pain reliever.   She said try this.  This was Yeahhh Baby.  The next day the pain went from a 8 to 6.  She then offered the herbal sock.   Sock; I said.  Yes, just try it, she said.  I did, my pain went from a 6 to 3.  I am now a customer, client and user of Yeah Baby.  Angela Wirt

Headache, gone and I would recommend YB! TO ANYONE WITH PSORIASIS.

I was on a Union trip with Deborah Hayes, one morning I asked her for an aspirin for my headache.  She gave me the aspirins I requested and she noticed the ashy patches on my arms.  They were white {dry} and my shin was a dark purple color from the medicine I was taking.  She introduced me to Yeahhh Baby. She makes and produced  herself.  After using it for 2 day, I could see a change in the coloring of my skin.  My skin looked a lot more natural then before and the itching had subsided. 1 month later my arms are 3/4 clear and little to no itching.  I would recommend YEAHHH BABY TO ANYONE WITH PSORIASIS.  Rosemary Wheeler

Saturated YB! herbal footie...pain GONE

My lower back and hips were aching and could not stand up straight, or sit for very long.  I tried  YEAHH BABY! and the sock which was saturated with Yeahhh Baby! and put it on my lower back and used an ace bandage to secure it.  The first night I slept with it on and the pain had eased a lot. I felted much better still some pain, so I used yeah baby a second night, woke up, the pain GONE.  Just  had a little stiffness in my hip from arthritis.  Thanks Yeahhh Baby!  I would recommend this product. Bell Owens.

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Helpful... (Another 5 Star Rating!)

The ointment works really good, thanks. CLYDE WADE JONES

My knee pain is gone...

I was having knee pain in my right knee for a while.  I told my co-worker about it and she told me to try Yeahhh Baby.  I tried it on my knee and have been using it ever since.  My knee pain is gone.  I also use it on my ankles because I work long hours standing.  Ursula Patterson

Great Product!!!!!!❤️❤️

I love this product!!!! This is something you must's great for aches and pain. I use it for my neck, face and feet. My daughter is using it for eczema and it has clear it her dark spots and stop the itching.  S. Nixon


Has been very helpful in reducing the arthritic pain in my hands and knees. I can open jars easier and go up and down stairs without pain. Sally

Absolutely Impressed!!!

This is an organic Gem! Much better than Icy hot which gives a weird medicine smell. This product doesn't smell at all and it works. I have lower back pain and this ointment relieves my discomfort almost immediately :)  J. girl24

Finally something that works...

My brother was in so much pain and I told him about this product and he loves it. He tried everything else but this actually works.  Amazon Customer

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Yeahhh Baby! to the rescue! *****

Being a person of size (nice and fluffy) who suffered with chronic lower back and knee pain coupled with Fibromyalgia along with other things...I NEEDED something to help me get through my day AND night (other than a bunch of meds), well YEAHHHBABY to the rescue!!! It has me on the move... even when I have those intense "flare ups"!! THANKS Yeahhhbaby for an amazing product that works! And thanks Amazon for making the product available to all who are in pain and need relief! @Fluffy Fibromyalgia sufferer

Increíble pero cierto

Hola qué tal familia? El producto de Yeahhh Baby es bastante eficaz para cualquier herida. Yo sufrí una cortada en mi dedo pulgar izquierdo; me aplique rico Acuña. Propietario l producto de Yeahhh Baby y en término de 3 días mi herida estaba sanada. Increíble pero cierto. Ce las recomiendo. Atte: F Acuña concrete services.

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The perfect name for it...

When I first heard about the product I didn't think it would work. However after trying it, I am sold. Yeahhh Baby!, that's the perfect name for it!

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